5 Major Sales Process For Effective Closing Technique

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5 Major Sales Process For Effective Closing Technique

Understanding sales process is pivotal for any salesperson who wants to have a cutting edge sales

Let's discuss 5 strategic sales process to selling at scale

1) PITCHING: Pitching is an important part of sales process.As it sounds, your pitching approach must be able to pinch your Prospect to give you needed attention

Some pitching channels are phone calls, Text message,  emails , LinkedIn, personal visitation

It's germane to note that a poor approach to pitching could forfeit the chances to convert a #prospect

A salesperson must be able set or create a good atmosphere for an effective #pitching

You shouldn't Attempt to pitch a prospect early Monday morning when he's putting things together at work

Attempting to pitch a prospect while on his way to an urgent business meeting will be awkward!

You can't get email details without prospect's consent and try to pitch him via email.It creates bad impression of your company

It's also important to note that while pitching, your user value proposition must be arrow head brief and succint

To get the right attention needed to sell, a salesperson must Create a craving to know more about his product/service in prospect's mind.

2) FACT FINDINGS :An act of exchanging questions for answers.
Fact findings done before pitching is generic, questions are not directed to prospects' specific needs

Fact findings in this context is specific. After you've gotten the attention needed from your pitching,you then want to make your service meet specific needs of your #prospect

At this stage, your listening skills is actively needed

You may want to ask questions like;

Where do you think your #competition is leading you in market?

Has your company subscribed/bought  a similar service/product, but didn't yield effective results?

What is your current company's gross income(GI), are they willing to add more 3digits to gross income?

Will you love to know how we can help increase your company GI with 3digit in a simple and cost-effective way?

Prospect don't really need to know much about your company at this stage

All attention should be focused on prospects' needs/challenges. Show them that you care to know about their challenges. 

This will enable you to effectively tailor you service values to meet their needs.

3) Seeking presentation Appointment : After you have done your fact findings about the specific pain points/Needs of your Prospect, then you should ask for a presentation appointment to show him how your services  meets the need of your Prospect. 

When he gives you the #opportunity to give presentation of your service values to him, please don't mess it up. 

Do proper presentation plan that clearly shows how your service will be a better fit for his needs.

N.B : This stage is peculiar to Service firms/ #B2B sales.

4) Closing Sales:  After you have given an impressive presention and the prospect is ready to move on with you, the Next step is closing. Seek for commitment from him.

5) Customer Experience: It is at this point that many  business lose their customer base.

 They believe closing/ doing transactions is the last sales process. 

After conversion, they expect continous patronage from customers. That will keep your customer base leaking.

After making transaction with customers, salespeople need  to follow up on customers' Experience while consuming their sold Service.

Ask questions like, 

How was your experience while using our service?

Is there anything about your needs that our service didn't take care? 

How do you think we can possibly improve our service to meet future needs?

This stage is an avenue for product/Service evaluation.

It will also give insights on what you should add or remove from your services.

It's an avenue to develop new inventories that meet current or future market needs.

For an effective closing techniques, #BusinessDevelopers and salespeople should understand that  sales process is a customer-centric  cyclical movement .

 It starts from offering service that meet customers' needs, then to developing inventories/Services that meet current and future customers' needs, from Service evaluation through customers' Experience.

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